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Model Generation

by Ludovik Material

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All Yours 03:20
There's so many things you'd like to know You'd like for me to show it all You want to crawl inside my brain You want to know my every cell My every thought, my every step ‘Cause you'd like to protect me from myself But you know it all, ‘cause you’re everywhere And you like to have it – total control You wanna know which things I like What keeps me sad, what makes me smile What inspires me to drink so much And which boy’s ass I like to touch But you know it all, I’m all yours You’ve got it now – total control You wanna know what stuff I read You wanna know what I believe in If I’m a threat and if I’m the worst If there’s a nuclear warhead in my purse And there are a few things I’d like to blow up Your self-esteem, your mass surveillance Your faithful servants, your total control The stars and stripes have shaped the world The watchdogs – they forgot to growl You know it all – you got me now You got me now – I’m all yours...
We are good children Oh, so well behaved And we know better When there's no time to speak We are good boys We are good girls We are good Brought up to stand out, we’ve each been raised to be a star But trapped in our safety zones Bribed with dreams that were never ours So well put in order, so well put on mute What a model generation, there's no one we disturb We are good children Oh, so well behaved And we know better when there's no time to speak Come on and make some noise Come and disobey Stop being such a good good boy/girl and leave a trace When silence gets too comfortable No one hears the one who shouts So eager to please that we forget what we want Self-destructive youth obsessed with itself We are good, We are too good, too well behaved Leave your rooms and safety zones We gotta make them afraid
Summertime 03:19
Past ideals replaced by ambitions Resistance became a label you wear Trying so hard to get recognition By those you've despised not so long ago You’re doing so well, you're full of success You know what is right, but you're losing yourself Didn’t we listen to the same songs Weren’t the idols we killed the same ones Didn’t we say we won't go down their way What a wonderful life, all by the book What a wonderful lie, I know you feel it too But the summer will come and take all the doubts away You’re running out of time You’re running out of love You’re running out of life You’re running out of yourself or whatever is left of you You’ve got it figured out You have this whole life-time plan You start despising yourself But you’re gonna be fine ‘Cause the summer will come and take all your doubts away...
Did you hear what they said Some people sang and they took them away Did you hear what they said Their song was loud and the words weren’t right Did you hear, loud voices of the numb...? They tied them up, they poisoned the air, They cut their tongues, but the song still remained Reign of silence’s falling down… Did you hear them sing, a million voices as one Screaming out their rage, screaming loud and pure Did you hear and did you sing, or did you stay numb? Reign of silence’s falling down…
Let's Unite! 05:12
Rano jutro zlo mi jutro... We'll burn your anthems into our hearts Sacrifice our best cattle to your gods Our prettiest boys to make you smile when you desire Our bravest girls to continue your breed when you require Let's unite! When others fall, we'll crave for more! Let's unite! And please do tell us How to think the way you want us to think How to wash the east and south off ourselves What to do to become as good as you Who to hate and who to admire Who's your next threat now Who’s the next to bow So you can fulfill your desires Let's unite!
Cleansing 04:32
I think my time has come And I'm starting over I'm releasing my fears I'm ready to have a few drinks With the one who knows it all I'll stand still, I won't act surprised… and I'm ready to smile I’m done with the choosing When there’s really nothing there to choose from Enough with the abusing of my will I’m done feeling guilty For all the wars I haven’t started Someone’s got to make the headsmen pay And I'm letting it go All the rights and wrongs of the pedestal I'm starting all over again Words don’t mean a thing if you don’t bleed them out And these few words and beats and tunes are all I’ve got We’ve buried the old gods And the new ones wait on the discount shelves In colours so bright, you’ll go blind We’ve modernized our feelings And numbed ourselves behind the screens We found brave new ways of cleansing guilt I still feel too young to betray it all These few tunes and beats and words are all I’ve got But words don’t mean a thing if you don’t bleed them out Would you bleed for me if I bleed for you
Failed Plans 04:33
It’s time to get away It’s time to get away from the people we want to smell after the morning after... fuck Away from those we get hooked on, at least for a while until the hype wears off It’s time to leave this town It’s time to rest at least for a little while It’s time to hide from our fucked up friends Their young bodies, their tired eyes and bitter smiles They know too much, it's time to grow up Away from the fears, and a million doubts All the expectations we set for ourselves, we failed them all… It’s time to leave this town It’s time to rest at least for a little while It’s time to run from our failed plans From all we craved to be And everything we'll never become Away from those who haven't done a thing And from ourselves, I guess we haven't done enough It’s time to leave this town… But soon enough we'll return We’re gonna hug our friends, we're gonna laugh, oh, the fuckery away We’re gonna set new rules and set new laws, and set new plans, we're gonna set new people and we’re gonna fail them all again… But now it's time to leave this town, we're gonna find a new one and rest for a while
Workin' Ass 06:18
Is it burning yet Do we feel the same Will it make you move Who will cure the pain Oh, righteous Vergilius let's take a trip Now I will guide you through this last round that’s left The creator is gone, he’s had enough, now clowns so grotesque are ruling this circus of dread I can no longer laugh Is it burning yet Do we feel the same I have no more cheeks to turn I can no longer laugh Oh, righteous Vergilius let's take a trip... The clowns have mastered their art They’re even praised for their crimes The crowd is amused – still cheering for more, Still paying the price, still attending the show, The same old crowd never has enough, Oh, Vergilius please take me home...


Sophomore album by Ludovik Material.

Model Generation manifesto:

My generation is the model generation, seeing how never before a generation managed to produce so many outstanding individuals. I, like each and every one of us, am a rainbow of talent, a little wonder - and that’s why I deserve a wonderful future. I have long buried all gods along with my faith in anything else, so now the only sacrifices I make are those to my Self while building the virtual altars for all the potential followers. How could anyone refuse to like me? After all, I’m the pulsar of perfection - right, mommy?
There’s no question whether I will become someone, the question is only who. The next Nobel prize winner in physics, or should I simply become Steve Jobs? Should I be the ultimate yoga guru, or why don’t I maybe try for Jimmy Hendrix himself, that might not be so bad. Just wait and see till I decide, and then a whole new Universe will open up. Žižek can lisp all he wants about the degenerate era we live in, but my place is among the winners. That's why I’m waiting patiently ‒ on mute, if you will ‒ for my D-day to come. I am permissive upbringing’s bad conscience, I’m Big Brother's favourite child. Banks love me as surely as they love newlyweds, I’m the excuse for the Invasion of the Middle East, I’m what’s keeping the Bangladesh sweatshops in business, I’m the green consumer, I’m the silent witness to the global shock doctrine . . . And my destiny is to one day send the world's audience into ecstasy ‒ and save the planet while I’m at it. This is simply bound to happen! And if you don't love me by now, you're just not my generation, are you?


released March 15, 2015

Model Generation credits:

Ludovik Material: Tina Perić, Matija Dolenc, Jaka Berger – Brgs

Recording: Jure Vlahovič and Jernej Černalogar, Studio Metro, summer 2014

Production: Ludovik Material, Jure Vlahovič in Jernej Černalogar, Studio Metro

Mastering: Igor Vuk

Cover art: Lucijan Prelog

Kapa Records, 2015

Supported by YUROPA


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